Is singer Bahati s3xy DJ Pierra Makena’s baby daddy?

Good heavens!

pierra makena
DJ Pierra Makena. PHOTO: KISSFM

Since Kenya’s hottest deejay Pierra Makena surprised many with pregnancy news, and later welcoming her bundle of joy sometimes last year, the question on everyone’s mind has been who is the baby daddy? But she has been adamant to let the cat out of the bag.

And naturally, lack of information causes humans to imagine things just to fill in the gaps. So just a few weeks ago, Kenyans decided to fish around for a possible candidate and they settled on gospel singer Size 8’s husband DJ MO. They said they have this nagging feeling he might have sired the child.

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Pierra Makena_Daughter_INSTAGRAM
Mum and tot. /INSTAGRAM

The argument here is that Ladasha Belle Wambui, that is DJ Mo and Size 8’s kid, and Pierra’s daughter, totally look like sisters.

Well, Pierra Makena has now thrown the internets into a spin after suggesting that controversial gospel singer Bahati could be the father to her adorable one-year-old daughter Pokot.

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The disk jockey took to Instagram where she started the rumour, dragging Diana Marua’s prayer partner, who recently admitted to being a dad to a secret two-year-old daughter, into her baby drama.

Pierra Makena_Bahati
Pierra Makena with singer Bahati. /INSTAGRAM

Pierra, during her recently-launched TV show, hosted Bahati and soon after the interview, shared a photo with the most suggestive of captions. “Baby daddy or nah?” She posted.
are thinking perhaps that could be a hidden message as they continue to unravel the mystery surrounding Pokot’s dad.

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