I’ve never been anyone’s husband, S3xy Grace Msalame says

The former TV presenter is a mother to twin daughters

Grace Msalame
Media personality Grace Msalame. PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

Former television host Grace Msalame recently shocked the social media fraternity and more so her fellow women when she publicly congratulated the father of her two girls and his wife on their wedding day.

You’ll agree with me that was unprecedented as most women would probably never acknowledged the woman who replaced them after a relationship went south. It’s even worse if they had kids with the man.

Grace Msalame_daughters
Grace and her two daughters. /INSTAGRAM

Msalame who has been driving Team Mafisi wild for eons, thanks to her distinct hourglass figure, has come out to squash claims about her abandoned ‘marriage’. She hopped on social media to rubbish the claims.

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“3 facts about me… – never been married – always been a single mom – yet God still called me… I have no idea where the story came from that I’ve been married before! Let’s just leave the match making to Jesus thank you.” She said

grace msalame
Like a boss lady!

She also went ahead to to tell her followers how giving birth before getting properly married really changed her life.

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“I had my children out of wedlock in my mid-twenties & I was gripped with shame for years because I wasn’t raised like that! But I couldn’t quiet the nudge to still serve him & so I held on to him even tighter & now 6 years later I’m glad I believed in his unconditional love & learned to forgive myself & know that children are a reward from the Lord.” Said Grace who has taken a sabbatical out of the media thing.

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Grace also used the moment to urge her fans not to feel unworthy before God especially after sin but to renew their hearts so that they may receive what God wants for them.