Ringtone goes into fasting for hot socialite Huddah Monroe

Secular crush?

Singer Ringtone. PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

Something seems to be bothering one of Kenya’s biggest gospel singers, Ringtone. He recently said he would going on a 21-day prayer and fasting.

According to the ‘Pamela’ singer, Kenyan hot socialite Huddah Monroe needs to see the light. And he believes that he is the man who will bring her closer to God.

Huddah Monroe
Huddah Monroe. PHOTO: NIAJE

The sometimes controversial crooner has taken upon himself to pull Huddah, an insanely popular Kenyan celebrity especially with the ever thirsty Team Mafisi thanks to her striking beauty, from secularism to church.

For your information, Huddah vehemently refuses to be referred to as a socialite saying she is a businesswoman. Personally I am not convinced until the day she will lay bare what exactly enables her expensive lifestyle. I am still not convinced slimming tea bought her a Range Rover, an expensive mansion in a leafy Nairobi suburb and regular first class rides to exotic cities of the world.

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Ringtone took to his Instagram to announce his decision to fast and pray for three weeks for Huddah to embrace salvation of Christ.

Below is the post:

“My brethren in Christ I am going into prayer and fasting for 21 days for this my friend @huddahthebosslady to receive Jesus. If you believe she needs his lets agree together in prayer for her.#huddah4jesus.”

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And here is what his fans thought:

kafsnjenga: The simama ie Victory over personal battles will help you understand what generational battles you or her are fighting ….Then you can pray for her and not asking your fun base to pray.

grace_karen_wamaitha_ngige: You don’t have to splash it all over social media… Do it in secret and pray for her….

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kharey_njiruGai: ?? the gospel artist of today,total disgrace!

nicolenjerii: How pathetic ? what she does or wears is none of your business. Shame on you.

k.u.l.l.a: Bruh mind yo business @ringtoneapoko no hqrd feelings buh juhs mind yo business [email protected] do her own.

njuguna: @ringtoneapoko: you doing this to have Huddah.. I’m sure she won’t give in.. Just look for a simple and humble wife instead.. For sure you are aging.

official_afuya: ????I missed this episode of the gospel industry.