This is she. Meet Bishop Kiuna son Jeremy’s hot girlfriend [PHOTOS]

"I wanted to post this for #MyQueen." He is such a smooth one this one..

Kathy Kiuna_Son_Jeremy
Rev Kathy Kiuna and her son Jeremy. PHOTOS: THESTAR

We all know the more visible daughters of renown City preachers Bishop Kiuna and and his wife Kathy Kiuna, but little is known of their son.

The celebrated church owner’s; Allan and Kathy, is a good example of how calculating minds can trick the spirits of poverty. There’s is a classic example of a grass to grace story. The two have risen from being struggling city dwellers to bigwigs, what with their lives reading like a screenplay.

Well, while we all experienced their old daughter’s fairly tale wedding on television and a host of photos online, and have followed a bit of their spoilt second born daughter’s life, also thanks to social media, I can personally attest to one or two grainy pics of their son.

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Jeremy, is the talk of town today and it’s mostly not because of him, per se, but rather his hot girlfriend. Yes, he is officially off the market. The young lad is enjoying the warmth of a sexy chick by the name Shamein Joy.

Jeremy Kiuna like I’ve said likes to keep it on the down low, he is never in the limelight and little is known about him. But he is starting us straight at the advanced stage of his course. He’s skipped the boring appetizers and such like, taking us straight to the main course.

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Jeremy I have come to learn is  a DJ, singer, and rapper information that can easily be found on his social media account.

“Why does she make me miss her more #my love you and happy three years now you are amazing in every way since we missed anniversary together I wanted to post this for #myqueen,” reads one of the little Romeo’s posts.

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The lad is deeply in love with his girlfriend and the two are not afraid to show it to the world.

Well, I know you’re itching to see the photos so I’m going to spare you a lot of noise. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Shamein.

Young love..