Sauti Sol singer’s hot girlfriend responds to breakup rumours [VIDEO]

Takes a swipe at blogs for writing sexist articles and spreading 'unverified rumours'

Chiki Kuruka_Bien
Singer Bien Baraza's girlfriend Chiki. PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

Just recently, there were reports in the media about the relationship between Sauti Sol’s lead singer Bien Baraza and her girlfriend Chiki Kuruka having gone sour.

You will remember Mpasho took it upon themselves to try dig out the truth by calling Chiki, hoping she’d explain what was going on. But Bien snatched the phone from her and blasted the caller. He warned them against calling is ‘wife’ such questions about their relationship.

Bien Baraza_girlfriend chiki
Bien and girlfriend Chiki. PHOTO: KISS100

Unsurprisingly, Chiki was rubbed the wrong way by the whole thing, the bloggers that is. And now she has taken to social media to bash the blogs for writing lies about her affairs.

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The dance guru rebuked all the lies being peddled around and was categorical that the media was being unfair to women especially.

She said:

“It is unfortunate that anyone let alone publications with such a wide reach would report on unverified rumours. There is a great deal of libel going on and aside from categorically denying the rumour, I would like to set the record straight. I urge media and entertainment journalists to not be cruel and insensitive in their efforts to get page views. Rumours of a personal nature have the potential to cause immeasurable pain and suffering. And in this case, entrench stereotypes about women that are also ultimately harmful. I say no more of this nonsense.”

Watch the video by Bien’s girlfriend below:

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Below is what guys said of the video:

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mskimaru: Yes the undertone was sexist…claiming he dumped her coz she was pressuring him!!!

edgargithatu: Welcome to Kenya

alvin_yert: Ignore ignore ignore you owe nobody an explanation

motherofdragones: I am so so glad that posted this vid! Its high time we called out other women who seem to get off on putting other women down. And for what? Male attention? We need to stop being our worst enemies. End of

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sonnykangara: Such a shame what we do to our fellow women!