The photo of a Willis Raburu look-alike kid that has left tongues wagging

Many are saying the guy is the journalist's son..

Willis Raburu
Citizen TV's Willis Raburu. PHOTO: MPASHO

Doppelgängers are everywhere, phenomena where people completely resemble others even though they are not minutely related.

I’m sure you have occasionally come across a person who confused you with another person. You know that awkward moment when a stranger comes to you and starts telling you things that don’t make sense. Then they go like, ‘I’m very sorry, I thought it was someone else,’ then they walk away very embarrassed.

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WIllis Raburu_Wife_NAIBUZZ
Citizen TV’s Willis Raburu and wife Mary Ngami. PHOTO: NAIBUZZ

Trust me when I tell you it happens a lot more than you think. Many people look alike even though they are not related.

And speaking of doppelgängers, I bumped into a photo while making my usual rounds on the web, one of a young guy who freakishly resembles popular Citizen TV host Willis Raburu.

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The photo in question has left many asking on social media whether he is Raburu’s son.

The 10 Over 10 star was however contacted by the guys at Mpasho but laughed it off when he was asked the question.

Raburu recently had the social media oozing with excitement after tying the knot with his hot wifey. The two lovebirds held a hushed wedding ceremony in Muthaiga and have been sharing pics of themselves on social media since, leaving many green with envy.

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Here’s one:

Willis Raburu_wife_
Willis and Mary goofing around. /MPASHO

And below is the picture of Raburu’s look-alike:

Willis Raburu_look alike