I washed dishes and cooked tea at Calif Records, singer Size 8 says

Her breakout hit was ruling the airwaves then and she used to be paid Shs 6,000 to do chores for super producer Clemmo.

Size 8
Singer Size 8. /NAIROBIWIRE

Sometimes we are tempted to look at people who are successful in their vocation and think they had it easy getting where they are. But that’s not true at all.

Everyday, starting from the time when we were kids, we used to be told that one has to work hard to achieve their goals. I doubt there is any person who has made it in life today, that had it smooth and Linet Munyali aka Size 8 is a text book example.

Size 8_DJ Mo
Size 8 and family. PHOTO: COURTESY

The singer was once a secular artiste and commanded quite a following but fans woke up one day to the news that she had seen the light. She gave up the wordly stuff and gave her life to Christ and her star has been shinning brighter brighter since.

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Earlier today (Friday, July 7), during an interview with Kiss FM, Size 8 revealed to breakfast show co-host Shaffie Weru, that life was never easy for her back in the days when she kicked off her singing career at the famous Calif Records.

Starting off with ‘Shamba Boy’, ‘Moto’ and other chart bangers, the talented Size 8 revealed that renown beatmaker Clemmo used to pay her a meagre Sh 6,000 per month.

“I started small. I used to trek to and from Calif Records. I used to clean, wash dishes and cook tea for Clemmo among other artistes. I was paid 6k. I was dreaming at that time. This was the time my song Shamba Boy was dominating the local airwaves. But I believed in God.” The ‘Pale Pale’ hitmaker said.

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She shared her disappointment in women who have resorted to using shortcuts in life.

She said:

“I decided to stick to that than engaging in prostitution for quick cash. Women don’t go for the shorter routes to make money. Hustle and one day you will be proud of yourself. Your ‘p’ is more precious than that sh100 you will get out of prostitution. I would advise you to start small don’t feel like  you are less than anyone else just keep at it.”

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Noting that it is normal to feel hopeless, the singer assured them that God is there for everyone and it is just a matter of time before a door opens.

“Jesus is there to help you. Don’t lose hope.” Said Size 8.

The gospel great is married to top gospel deejay DJ Mo and they are blessed with an adorable daughter by the name Ladasha.