VIDEO: MC Njagi – ‘Mbele Iko Sawa’ (Jubilee Song)

Mbele Iko Sawaaa... Asi!


There’s a new talent in town, he goes by the name MC Njagi and recently appeared on NTV‘s The Trend, where he wowed viewers with a host of skills including singing and playing the keyboard.

The guy is notably hilarious too.

MC Njagi

The upcoming artiste who also revealed to Faya Mama [Njabi Koikai] who hosted the show on Friday, became a hit with social media early this year thanks to a viral video in which he congratulated the then newly-elect President of the US of A, Donald Trump.

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The song was entitled ‘Tilambu’, a corruption of the name Trump in which he borrowed heavily from the Kamba accent, Njagi’s preferred style although he is not Kamba himself. Otherwise his skits would not be funny at all.

Just a few hours after appearing on The Trend, MC Njagi has partnered with Mbele Iko Sawa, a Jubilee Party initiative headed by Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria that seeks to pull the electorate to vote for the UhuRuto reelection.

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As you might have guessed already, the eponymous track is targeted at the all-important Kamba community which both Jubilee and NASA are key on grabbing.

Watch the video below:

And here is the one of MC Njagi when he appeared on The Trend: