KDF changes tact, now bombing Boni forest to smoke out al Shabaab

The forest is a hideout and training ground for militias crossing over from Somalia by sea or through Tana River county.

KDF Soldier
A Kenya Defence Force soldier patrols Burgabo in Somalia. Kenya's military has been ranked eleventh most powerful in the continent and 75 in the world by Global Firepower 2016 report. PHOTO: NATION MEDIA GROUP

The Kenyan government has taken the war against terror to the next level as it smokes out al Shabaab from a huge forest in the Coast region.

The army has begun dropping bombs inside the vast Boni forest which is believed to be where militias of the terror group launche attacks on villages in the country from.

al shabaab soldier
A member of Somalia’s al Shabaab militant group stands in front of a crowd. PHOTO: SOMALILAND SUN

The forest is a known training ground for an al Shabaab unit whose intention is to launch attacks on soft targets in Lamu County including villages and police stations and camps. They also plant IEDs on the roads.

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An article by the Daily Nation quoted Coast regional Coordinator Nelson Marwa who said the airstrikes are one of the tactics to flush the militias out of the area.

“As we speak, airstrikes have been launched there. Our officers are in action. Boni belongs to us. It is in Kenya and the al Shabaab must know we are going to do all it takes to secure it,” Marwa said on Monday July 10.

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The tough speaking Marwa at the same time warned local residents who are working with the terrorists saying they will also be dealt with accordingly, adding that Kenyans living in the outskirts of the forest have been moved.

The decision was arrived at after al Shabbab suspected to be from the forest launched an attack on residents of Lamu recently killing 13 people.

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Among the victims were 9 people who were beheaded by the criminals in Jima village while four policemen were killed when the terror groups attacked and torched a police post.