Zari Hassan and Diamond Platnumz may have called it quits

The rumourmill has been busy spewing breakup stories but the way the two have been behaving lately seems to confirm the worst.

Diamond Platnumz_Zari Hassan
Diamond Platnumz and wife Zari Hassan. PHOTO: COURTESY

It has been a month now since trouble erupted in singer Diamond Platnumz and socialite Zari Hassan’s home, but it seems things are not back to full normal with the two. I think I should rephrase that.. Things are very very bad.

For starters, this past weekend saw Diamond Platnumz throw a huge party for his mother who was celebrating her 50th birthday, and based on the photos and videos he posted online, the hitmaker was having the time of her life as he could be seen dancing suggestively with random women.

Diamond Platnumz_Zari Hassan_Nillan
Diamond Platnumz, wife Zari and Prince Nillan. PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

The mother of her two kids, Zari, was nowhere in sight. Word has it that she was not invited. What?! You throw your mom a bash and you don’t even invite your wife? Who does that?!

What is making matters worse is that the Ugandan socialite is holed up at Nakasero Hospital in Kampala where her mother has been admitted in the ICU.

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“Thanking Nakasero hospital for their service. Only God will decide mom’s fate,” Zari posted on social media urging her followers to pray for her mother.

Diamond has said Zilch about Zari’s ailing mother which has left many wondering if the couple are even still together.

There have been rumours doing rounds on social media that Diamond Platnumz could be the father to TZ model cum socialite Hamisa Mobetto’s unborn child.

Tanzanian video vixen Hamisa Mobetto. PHOTO: COURTESY

The almost due socialite recently took to social media to uploaded a photo of herself [see below] which she curiously captioned ‘Mama Dee’, leaving tongues wagging.

Hamisa Mobetto_Pregnant
Mama Dee.. /COURTESY

Many filled in the blanks and concluded that the child she is carrying is a girl and will be named after Diamond’s mother.

A source privy to the goings on in the couple’s marriage, was recently quoted saying that indeed there is trouble brewing in paradise.

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“Zari has not been herself ever since she found Hamisa’s belongings in her bedroom last year, September. The sexy socialite is almost due and just like many claim that she could be carrying Chibu’s pregnancy, it might be true. Munakumbuka zile picha alipiga na mamake Diamond na dadake kama wamevaa nguo zinazofanana?” Asked a source.

Hamisa Mobetto_Diamond Sister
Hamisa (right) with Diamond Platnumz sister and mum. /GHAFLA

Hamisa is yet to reveal the man responsible for her pregnancy, perhaps she is waiting for the right time.

Zari on the other hand seems to have made up her mind about doing away with her bae all together and is focusing on her five children. Earlier today, a social media user posted a photo of Tiffah, Diamond’s first born, walking in high heels and captioned it;

“Fashionista in the making #TiffahDangote”

The mother of five took to the comment section to make some corrections leaving her followers with more questions than answers.

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She said, “Latiffah Hassan correction..”

Dangote my foot. /COURTESY

Zari said her daughter’s surname is not Dangote but Hassan.. which is her family name?

Below is what Zari and Diamond’s followers think:

Teddy: Zari no love don’t say that please please…love your children.

Anita: There are so many low down dirty things you can do to look for publicity but this is not one of them, too sensitive a matter! Trust me this is not one of them…something has been brewing for sometime! It’s only that we don’t know!

Abraham: That’s what happens when you “marry” an immature young dude atazoea tu.

Zari: Another Kiki in the making ??mbona alipoachana na Ivan hakuwabadili watoto wake majina mtchewww

Carrol: Kimenuka kwa bibi???

Queen: Very Soon it will be Lattifah Ivan hahahahha ??? Can’t wait for unfolding tales ??????????