Nairobi Diaries Arab Princess epic murder of the English language [VIDEO]

American 'Sicho' 2.

Arab Princess_Nairobi Diaries
Nairobi Diaries star Arab Princess. PHOTO: KISS100

This Nairobi Diaries thingy is gaining popularity by the episode, and is slowly becoming the best thing to ever happen on sleeper station K24, all thanks to the drama in it.

One of the chicks on the show is Sameer Intisar Ali aka Aliiptisam or Arab Princess who has been leaving Team Mafisi collecting their jaws from the floor, and for good reasons. She is an eye candy and the latest addition to the sixth season.

Sameer Intisar aka Arab Princess. /KISS100

Since her debut on the show, many thought she was the real ish, the real queen, but woe unto you if you’re one of them. Instead of teaching her fellow cast members some manners and of course grammar, she is turning out to be a disaster.

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The wannabe diva is no different from her fellow reality stars.

Sameer was recently left with egg on her face after she murdered the queen’s language in the worst possible way.

The sexy thing pronounced the word “PSYCHO” as “SICHO”. Bwahaha.. I’m dying with laughter.

What is even worse is that she said in the same rant, that she is a classy woman [see video below]. How can such as self-proclaimed classy woman fail to pronounce basic English words the way one’s supposed to?

But the divalicious was not done. Her majesty the princess pulled another one a few seconds later. “..someone is going to be TEACHED a lesson.” Oh Lord! This is too funny.

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MC Njagi now needs to do is remix his viral track ‘Yaliyo Ndwele Sipite’ ASAP.

Here’s the video courtesy of Mpasho:

Below read what Kenyans have been saying on social media about the Arab Princess:

Psl: Am watching this thing now. And am getting worried. Dear, please learn basic English, you can’t say “removing bad words against her’ then what is sicho?? its psycho.

Joy: Just use the OG accent we heard when Mishi jumped on you in the forest and stop peppering the ‘r’ everywhere it’s not by force that we should all have “American” accents ?.

Timmy: Lollll ..I wish you knew how boring and irritating you are.  Even your own shadow inakulaani ….LAAANATULLAH WEWE. Ati Arab princess. You should be called Arab Shuzi.

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Browny: Classy my foot …….”sicho” ?????? you are embarrassing yo English teacher……

Mezlon: “I need Proper lesson teached” Sameer did you go to school? ??.

Grace: Tuned in brought a neck brace for Samia just in case she can’t hold her head up again today #NairobiDiaries.

Anjee: This new Aliiptisam chic on Nairobi Diaries. Is she a coke fiend? Look at her eyes. English is also not her mouth. Does she have Tourette’s?

Gracy: This Arab chic eti “teached” where did grammar go to?????.

Saida: I gara leave. RUSUNGU SI MDOMO CHETU.