Rapper Timmy Tdat caught with unlicensed gun at airport

The hitmaker has been brandishing a gun and it has now been revealed that he is unlicensed to carry it.

timmy tdat
Rapper Timmy Tdat. PHOTO: KISS100

The rapper many Kenyan chicks have come to fall in love with, Timmy Tdat, is reportedly in very big trouble.

There’s word doing round that the ‘Inaweza’ hitmaker was last weekend busted with a gun at an airport. Hehe, I’m not sure whether to laugh at this guy or feel sorry for him. Who goes to the airport with an unlicensed gun? Has he even been to one before?

timmy tdat
Timmy Tdat in action. PHOTO: OMG

The guys at Mpasho did the honours and called up the ‘Dush Nyau’ (there goes the irony) artiste and asked him one or two questions. He said that police at the Eldoret airport suspected that he was armed. He was in town for a performance.

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“Walikua wana-suspect niko na firearms.” He said.

When the rapper was asked if indeed he had a gun with him, he acted surprised.

“Haha sasa nitatoa wapi? Walini-suspect tu. I think ni juu ya vile image yangu iko; dreadlocks, tattoos.” He defended himself.

Then the caller posed the question whether he has ever thought of owning a gun in the future, to which the rapper said;

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“Probably, manze security saa hii imekua noma sana, alafu vile sasa haujui adui ni nani, haujui msee anapanga nini. Wasee wanadedi tu, vitu zinahappen, msee ni security yeye mwenyewe, alafu pia mahali tunaelekea security ni threat kwetu.” Timmy revealed.

Which brings up the question, does Timmy have enemies planning to send him to an early grave like Jacob Juma?

“You never know, saa zile watu wanakucheki sana si kila msee anakucheki poa.” He added.

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Well, Timmy has denied the claims that he was caught with a gun but sources privy to the whole thing say that it’s true the rapper might have been armed during his travel to Eldoret.

About the licence thing, no, he does not have a license for it!

If you’ve been following this ghetto-raised emcee, then you already know there’s a hand gun he has been flossing around. Heck, I even saw him once him boasting a bout it when he appeared on NTV‘s The Trend.