[PHOTO] Funny guy Oga Obinna parades hot wife for all to see

The comedian shared a photo of his woman who was holidaying in Uganda

oga obinna
Comedian Oga Obinna recently took to the social media to introduce his wife to the world. PHOTO: NIAJE

As with many celebrities, comedian Oga Obinna who is known for his witty jokes that are delivered complete with a West African accent, lives a private life and not many know of the woman in his life.

Many have been wondering who is the lucky female that warms

the radio presenter’s bed, cooks for him as well as do all those wifey things. The chick magnet loves to base his jokes around the subject of women perhaps that being the reason every Nairobian girl wants to have a piece of him.

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But Mpasho reports, Obinna recently took to social media to show the world his better half, the mother of his kids and showering her with messages of love.

Oga Obinna Wife
Oga Obinna Wife. IMAGE: INSTAGRAM (Via Mpasho.co.ke)

He started describing his girl as a pretty woman who was created when God was most relaxed. He also said stuff in line with her being the most hardworking.

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The Instagram post read:

“Happy mothers day pretty one. Mother to my Pikins. Some women God created while sipping Palm Wine. So pretty, kind and so hardworking. Hope Uganda is treating you well Nyabo. When you finish your holiday bring….”

Obinna is a father of 3 adorable kids; 2 daughters and a son. The IG post was later pulled down.
Via Mpasho

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