Jealous Willy Paul gushes over gospel singer’s fine wife

Still single, the singer seems to be perusing social media, ogling friend' beautiful catches.

Willy Paul

Yeah, the feeling is bad, admittedly, you know, when the years are passing by and suddenly, all your cousins, friends and the rest are all getting married and you are yet to even find a potential.

This is definitely what is happening to Willy Paul who is still single as a rogue elephant, if a recent post by the singer is anything to go by.

willy paul_wine
Wine time? /MPASHO

It seems that the lack of someone special to pour his heart out for, has made the ‘Digiri’ singer resort to showing love for his counterparts who have already found theirs.

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When Willy Paul was struggling to make a name for himself, the singer was known for his player tendencies, never mind he was a gospel artist. He at one point dated a lovely chick by the name Michelle Dyer.

The relationship with the groupie (so I hear) didn’t progress past a few weeks, it turned out to be another case of the ex. She moved on from Willy Paul and even got pregnant shortly thereafter. Of course by another man.

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Meanwhile, Pozze is still in single, perhaps consoling himself that binguni hakuna ndoa.

It’s worth noting at this point that his industry rival Bahati, is about to exit the bachelors’ nest with his official prayer partner Diana Marua.

willy paul_babe
Willy Paul with (?)..

Through a social media post seen by, Willy Paul is throwing all manner of sweet messages to gospel counterpart DK Kwenye Beat over his beautiful girlfriend. DK, by the way, happens to be enjoying the warmth of a bombshell.

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DK and his bae. /COURTESY

After coming across a recent photo of DK with his lass, Willy Paul was quick to pass his admiration.

The ‘I Do’ singer said:

“@dkkwenyebeat she’s the best thing God gave you Bro.. many like me wish for one with such a heart and tabia.. take good care of @sherryshanice big up brother!!.”

DK Kwenye Beat_girlfriend
DK Kwenye Beat’s girl. /INSTAGRAM