Man appears at Nkaissery burial to resurrect him [PHOTOS]

Dressed in a black suit, the man said he had been sent to fight the spirits of death.

Man tries to resurrect late Nkaissery at burial. PHOTO: COURTESY

A man caused drama at the Interior CaJbinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery’s burial ceremony on Saturday, July 15, 2017 after trying to resurrected the dead CS.

Anthony Njuguna shocked many after walking to where the casket was and started praying for the CS interrupting Chief of Defence Forces, Gen Samson Mwathethe who was addressing the mourners.

The man is whisked away by security. /COURTESY

The man in question said that he had been sent by God to pray for the late Nkaissery and raise him from the dead.

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But that did not happen as he was quickly whisked away by the tight security who proceeded to question him further.

“The spirit of the Lord sent me here, to come and fight the forces of death,” a determined Njuguna said.

Adding: “Allow me to go back there and pray for Gen Nkaissery; if he does not resurrect, feel free to kill me.”

It remains a mystery how he got past the normally hawk-eyed VIP security and move straight to the Casket.

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According to a report by the Daily Nation, angels helped him reached the casket.

“I told God that I would be coming to this place and asked Him to send his angels so that they could protect me until I reached where the casket was,” he explained to the security officers.

He was questioned outside the tent. /COURTESY

There was a second drama at the funeral when a man tried to stop President Uhuru as he was coming out of the tent.

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George Kinyaga, 35, said he wanted to hand the President a letter before security pounced and whisked him away. He said: “When the President came to Kajiado on July 5, I tried to reach out to him.

His security detail took my number but I have not yet received a call from the President. That is why I came here today to jog his memory.”