Internet goes wild after Lilian Muli is caught kissing colleague [PHOTOS]

The TV hunk was celebrating his birthday.

Lilian Muli_Ken Wa Kuraya
Inooro TV's Ken Wa Kuraya and Lilian Muli. PHOTO: /INSTAGRAM

What’s Monday without Lilian Muli news? I’ll give you the answer, Boooring.. The sexy Citizen TV presenter in no doubt one of the most loved by the blogs because she is never short of juicy stories.

I hear there’s some hunk at the Royal Media Services-owned Inooro TV, he goes by the name Ken Wa Kuraya, one ladies can’t have enough of and have been milling around TV sets just to have a glimpse of him – including fisilets who can’t utter a word of Kikuyu, the language the station broadcasts in.

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Lilian Muli
Lilian in studio. Free drinks to whichever fisi spots the poll. /INSTAGRAM

Kuraya just celebrated his birthday and Lillian Muli gave him the best gift any man would pray for days to have – a kiss.

Caption: “Happy Birthday to this very Handsome colleague of mine @ken_wakuraya God Bless you @inoorotv” /INSTAGRAM

And as you might have guessed already, the photo of that moment has spread faster than the Australia bushfires.

Muli is fresh from telling all and sundry, including the ever prodding blogs, to leave her alone because apparently, she is not a celeb. But how can we stop writing about the lovely newscaster?

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Kuraya, if at all he looks familiar, used to appear on Tahidi High where he acted as a handsome Geography teacher who was in love with country songs.

Inooro TV, being a new station, had advertised for interested parties to fill different positions and Kuraya tried out his luck.. Well, the rest as they say is history.

The news anchor took to social media to thank his colleagues and fans for all the love he received on his birthday while also sharing some more photos.

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And free lunch for first fisilet to spot the floored chick in the photo. /FACEBOOK

“Today is my birthday thanks to you all who sent me birthday wishes via Facebook texts Twitter and all other channels. I thank God for you all thanks for the gifts cake drinks etc barikiweni sana. Thanks to my InooroTv and Citizen TV comrades you are great people. To all my fans I owe you big time keep date 29th July marked its our date me you and the street kids.” He said.

Ken Wa Kuraya_Cake