Photo of Jeff Koinange manhandling a pretty chick sets the internet ablaze

He was at Kasarani for the youth athletic championships and was taking a selfies with a smokin hot cop.

Jeff Koinange_MAVERICK
Citizen TV's Jeff Koinange. PHOTO: UNEP/FLICKR

Kenya is basking in glory after successfully hosting one of the biggest, if not the biggest, IAAF World Under 18 Championships that concluded this past weekend at the Moi International Sports Centre, Kasarani.

Apart from hosting the strongest crowd ever recorded in the tournament’s history, our teenage athletes didn’t disappoint either, they won medals after medals both in the track and field.

Kasarani Stadium
Part of the crowd at Kasarani Stadium. /TWITTER

The refurbished stadium was a sight to behold and it was such a fresh breath of fresh air for Kenya to host its world-beating athletes at home as opposed to them going abroad leaving Kenyans spectating from their sitting rooms.

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From being a hotbed of winning athletes the country has now joined the ranks of world class hosts.

So this past weekend, tens of thousands of Kenyans from all walks of life converged at Kasarani for the event, especially after President Uhuru Kenyatta ordered organisers to drop the entry fees. The 60,000-seater was filled to capacity leaving tens of thousands of other would be spectators stranded outside.

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Among those who joined fellow enthusiastic Kenyans at Kasarani was television personality Jeff Koinange, he of the popular Citizen TV talk show JKL.

It was however a picture of him taking a selfie with a smoking hot policewoman that left tongues wagging.

Jeff Koinange_hot cop kasarani
Jeff Koinange takes a selfie with a hot cop at Kasarani. MPASHO

And the comments came in thick and fast!

Leonard Oyese: Jeff thus very bad. Are u a hyena. Why hold her on a very sensitive part.

Ndocha Mugoya: Umeshika serikali kiuno. ??

Mesh Yego: No boundary taking a selfie! So long as the other “party” Okey it.

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Dee Omwami: Huyu akija kunishika najiwachilia na kumwacha aniguse tuuuu…. N Jeff don’t be doing this kumbe wee ni fisi pia.

Kelvin Juma: Jeff your hands please….? Official patron member of the mafisi.

William Haya: Aaaand you can’t make up this stuff @Jeff! Smoooking hot!

David Vide: Sawa mzae, naona security is tightened.

Mbogo Wa Gikunju: From folk to fox which is in the family of team mafisi.