Alcoholism has taken a toll on ex Tahidi actor OJ [PHOTOS]

There have been rumours that the television great is now an alcoholic.

oj_tahidi high
Former Tahidi High actor David Mugo aka OJ. PHOTO: NAIROBWIRE

There is nothing as sad as seeing a public personality go from grass to grace and then back to grass, which sadly happens to a lot of people.

One such person is the once rising star in the local entertainment scene, Dennis Mugo, who is popularly known as OJ, the character he played on the Citizen TV popular school drama Tahidi High.

OJ back in the day. /MPASHO

From once a very bankable star, OJ’s stories on blogs nowadays paint a very sorry picture of him. Word out there is he is a skeleton of former self, both careerwise and physically.

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While his fellow Stars of Tahidi High have moved on to bigger things, most notably, Tanya, Freddie, and others, OJ is nowhere to be seen or heard. The bar seems to be his favourite place to hang out.

During Tahidi days, the actor won lucrative deals with major corporate firms in the country, but then he plunged into alcoholism, allegedly.

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Publications have it that his neighbours in South B say OJ, who is married and has a kid, will be found frequenting local pubs, something that has really raised eyebrows.

Today as I was perusing the web, I came across an article by Mpasho which attached photos therein of OJ in the company of friends who seem to be drunk.

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A woman can be seen forcing herself on a guy for a kiss but her male counterpart is having none of it. All the while OJ is standing beside them looking really hammered. He is carrying a black plastic bag.


So the question is, is everything okay with the shinning star that was OJ?

Below see the photos: