REVEALED: The beautiful lady Nyashinski is dating [PHOTOS]

The one third of Kleptomainiax (now defunct) is seeing a malaika. Were you aware of that? Well, now you know..


Fisilets of this world, I come bearing very bad news..

Talented singer Nyamari Ongegu, who goes by the popular name Nyashinski, is no longer single. The hitmaker is taken. Very!

Zia Bett
Zia Bett, Nyashinski’s alleged girlfriend. /MPASHO

Nyashinski who has been in the US for years, returned to the Kenyan music scene with a lot of ‘ubaya’, it’s like he never left. As a matter of fact I think his leaving was in order as Kenya wasn’t ready for him back in the days, during dem Kleptomaniax days. has stumbled upon info that the ‘Malaika’ crooner is dating a lass by the name Zia Bett. She is the CEO of Zia Collection Clothing and has been sharing photos of her and Nyashinki. She recently posted on her social media a photo of them together looking all lovey dovey.

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“They are in love. Nandi always talks about how Nyashisnki treats her. Many including our former schoolmates are envious of her. Rumour has it that they will formalize their relationship very soon.” An undisclosed person said as quoted by Mpasho.

Zia Bett_Nyashinski
Zia and Nyash. /MPASHO

Zia reportedly prefers a private life away from the prying eyes of the public and journos. Her private Instagram account agrees.

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“I’m a dark skinned girl. Always felt inferior to light skinned girls. I suck in my stomach when I remember, other times I just don’t care. Sometimes my arms look small, other times its evident I skip triceps day at the gym. I love children and sometimes fashion, currently obsessed with gyming.

I’m good at bringing people together, not very good at listening. I believe in God and have a deep relationship with him but fail him daily. Only through him I’m reminded, that “hanty, you’re more than enough.” Even though sometimes I forget,” reads a post on one of her social media handles.

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Zia Bett_Nyashinski

Nyashinki is remembered for his Klepto days, that was more than a decade ago and after a long break from music, came back to his home country and has released a string of tracks including ‘Malaika’ and ‘Aminia’ which are currently ruling the airwaves.