How Big Kev funeral went down in Kisumu [PHOTOS/VIDEO]

Kevin was founder and CEO of TruBlaq Entertainement and died of recurring benign brain tumour.

Kevin Ombajo aka Big Kev. PHOTO: COURTESY

It’s been a week or so since Kevin Ombajo aka Big Kev gave up his ghost (Saturday July 29), at the Nairobi Hospital after a long battle with non-cancerous brain tumour.

A pioneer of events management, Kev founded TruBlaq Entertainment and was CEO of the firm until his death. He underwent an unbelievable 13 surgeries as he fought tumours that recurred in his brain every time they were gotten rid of.

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The battle lasted seven years and his last surgery which was done in September last year, left him incapacitated and blind.

Celebrities whom he was friends with for years, considering his place in the Kenyan entertainment scene, gathered at his Kisumu home to pay him homage.

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“It is hard to stand here and eulogise him,” Big Kev’s sister in law, Dr. Loise Achieng said at his burial service, “I walked a long journey with him from 2010. Seeing him as a patient. It was really, really difficult. We thought we are the ones who were going to encourage him but instead, he made us laugh and he encouraged us.”

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Also present was State House MC in charge Big Ted who was a good pal with the late and who has stood with Kev’s family all along.

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Watch the video below to see Ted euologise his buddy Kev.

Here are more photos from the burial ceremony:

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