Kenyans mock DJ Mo and Size 8 ‘carburetor’ kiss [PHOTOS]

It happened during the singer's birthday party.

Dj Mo_Size 8
Size 8 and husband DJ Mo. PHOTO: NIAJE

It’s that time of the year.. Just recently told you how Kenya’s biggest gospel deejay, DJ Mo, hopped on social media to wish his wife Size 8 a happy birthday.

“If I was to marry and do these all over again I would still choose you – you the best I got. Love you and happy birthday day @size8reborn.” Crossover 101 co-host wrote.

Size 8

These two are not your normal Kenyan celebrity couple, unlike their peers who like keeping stuff to themselves, DJ Mo and Size 8 are never afraid to showcase their love for all and sundry to see. They’re always displaying affection right on front of their millions of fans and even post professionally done videos about their marriage online.

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During Size 8’s born day, Dj Mo threw the gospel music star a surprise party at Enashipai resort which has learnt it was broken into four different phases.

It started with a surprise welcome at the resort’s entrance with songs before she was ferried by a golf cart to the reception, she was then treated to a velvet cake by friends and family.

Size 8_birthday
Size 8 at her birthday party. /INSTAGRAM

Finally, Mr deejay surprised her by arranging a meeting with her fans which was the climax of the whole surprise thing.

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But all that is not the reason for this post.. What is though, is the fact that during the cake shenanigans, Dj Mo decided to kiss his wife, a move which has got many of their fans talking.

Their fans have spun the whole thing out pf context, his deep passionate kiss with Size 8 and are now making fan of it. They says kissing her upper lip ended up being the most awkward thing they’ve seen recently.

Size 8_DJ Mo_kiss
Size 8 and DJ Mo kissing. /COURTESY

Below read what a few of them had to say:

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Rebecca: Lol anakunywa chai moto.
Lena: Anavuruta oil kwa carburettor.
Rachel: Hehe DJ mo it’s not done like this #kiundutho.
Liz: Hiyo kiss yuuuuucccccckkkkkkk!
Njoroge: I guess this guy’s side hustle is being a mechanic.
Victoria: Kissing upper lip ni matata for Kenyan men, afadhali they just stick to lower lip, nimeenda hivi nakuja.
Tonnie: It’s called the carburettor kiss folks.
Diana: He has let me down. He is kissing like he’s sucking juice out of a straw.
Risper: Pitieni huku uone Dj Moh akinyonya mafuta kwa caburetor.