Deadbeat dad? Dennis Okari responds to Betty Kyallo

Dennis Okari_Betty Kyallo
Betty Kyallo and Dennis Okari during happier days. PHOTO: THE STAR

Just a fortnight ago, one of Kenya’s most popular television newscasters, opened up to a magazine about very many things. Among them was how her baby daddy, also a renown journalist, is an absentee father.

I’m I speaking Greek? Alright.. One and half years or so ago, Betty Kyallo, who had been making Team Mafisi run all over like a kid (goat’s), left many hearts broken after revealing to the world that she was taken. It turned out that the lucky guy was Mr. Dennis Okari, the NTV investigative guy.

Betty and Dennis honeymooning in Dubai. /KISS100

What followed was a whirlwind romance between the two and it wasn’t long before the two tied the knot in what still remains wedding of the year – like two years later.

Forget about the wedding. That was overshadowed by the preceding honeymoon that saw the two lovebirds crisscross the globe, from Diani in Mombasa, Kenya to the coasts of Mauritius and later Dubai. They were travelling first class and stayed at five star hotels.

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Amid all that, some critics started questioning the journalists’ lifestyle, especially the femme fatale’s. Something wasn’t adding up, expensive SUVs and all. Who or what was bankrolling Betty? It was obvious salos of the two combined couldn’t even finance the honeymoon, let alone the grandeur wedding and her cars. A V8 I used to hear then (that was before the Porsche Cayenne GTS).

Hassan Joho_Porche Cayenne
The controversial Porsche Cayenne with Joho’s picture. /COURTESY

So the rumour went that one Sultan from the Coast, a moneyed politician, was behind the big life, all ‘behind’ Okari’s back. Wah! It was getting ugly..I won’t bother with the rest as it’s in the public domain.

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The marriage lasted a record six months, plus minus a few days.

Betty Kyallo_Thailand
Thighs are served.. /INSTAGRAM

So a few days ago, Betty sat down with True Love magazine where she opened up about her life. But the biggest takeout from the interview is the admission that she and Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho dated sometime back..She said they hooked up when she was breaking up with Dennis. That 001 was also separating with his wife at the time so it was a match made in heaven. I don’t know about you but I choose to pick only the truths in that story.

She then went on to add that since Dennis and she breaking up, more than a year ago, the two have never spoken. Not just that but he has never gone back to see his daughter. Simply put it, Dennis Okari is a deadbeat dad! He is yet to part with a single coin towards Ivanna’s expenses, she said.

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Betty Kyallo_2_s_INSTAGRAM
KTN’s Betty Kyallo. VIA: INSTAGRAM

“I was comfortable with him being part of our daughter’s life but he decided otherwise and I’m perfectly fine with it. I respect his decision.” Betty cried out during the TL interview.

So the guys at Mpasho did the honours of calling him up for his right of reply. And what did he say?

“I do not owe you or anyone else an explanation about anything!”

That will be it for now!