Prezzo speaks after ex Yola said he could killer her

This is drama week on and off Bomas..

Rapper Prezzo. PHOTO: MSETOEA

These two have been hitting the entertainment headlines since they came out as an item more than two years ago. Well, one of them appeared in the scene a decade and a half ago and has never left since.

I’m talking about wannabe socialite Michelle Yola and his ex boyfriend rapper Prezzo who is known for his raps both inside and outside the studio.

Prezzo_Michelle Yola
Prezzo and Michelle in happier times. /COURTESY

Yola and de presidente finally called it quits after a romance that was on and off (mostly off) and no sooner did they start getting accustomed to lives without each other, than accusations started flying off them.

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A few days ago, Ms. Yola came out with allegations that her life was in danger. She said that Prezzo was hell bent on harming her although pundits were quick to brush them off saying it was just a publicity stunt for their roles in Nairobi Diaries. Nairobi Diaries for those of you not in the know is a popular reality TV show that airs on K24.

But still, when someone comes out with such allegations, citizens need to take them seriously.

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So guys at Mpasho (it had to be them) reached out to Prezzo to find out what the heck is going on. Bear in mind his nemesis Jaguar whom he has been beefing with since time immemorial, is weeks away from becoming State property as Starehe MP. I digress.

Prezzo was having none of Michelle Yola’s nonsense about her life hanging in the line because of him.

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The rumour going round is that Yola is accusing Prezzo of threatening her well being and that he is stalking and harassing her and had even confiscated some of her vital documents.

The long and short of it is that Prezzo says no and was uncharacteristically calm about the issue. Anyways, he denied only way his rapcellency would.