Did Nameless sacrifice E-Sir to the Illuminati?

People have the most imaginative thoughts..

Singer Nameless. PHOTO: MPASHO

Back in the days, circa 2003, when the local entertainment scene was beginning to buzz, there was Nameless.. but there was E-Sir too, one of the finest artistes Kenya has ever produced. I often wonder where he would be today in the cruel hand of death didn’t pluck him.

Those were days when Nameless was flying with tracks such as ‘Megarider’ <-his first ever hit which was a rap song btw ‘Ninanoki’ and ‘Maisha’, and E-sir, well, he had a truckload of hits including ‘Moss Moss’, ‘Leo ni Leo’, ‘Bamba’, ‘Sare’, ‘Tukawake’, ‘Yabamba’, and ‘Uko Fresh’, just to scratch the surface.

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The late E-Sir. /MPASHO

But when the two greats entered the Ogopa studio together, ‘Boomba Train’ was born, a song that remains fresh to date.

Then one day, Nameless and E-Sir travelled to Nakuru for a show in what would turn out to be perhaps the saddest night of the entire local music scene. The two, after performing at a club, got involved in grisly car accident that took the life of Issah Mmari Wangui who was born in California estate in Nairobi to a Tanzanian dad and a Kenyan mum. He was raised in South C hence a lot of it in his lyrics.

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Then rumours, as always, started flying that Nameless sacrificed E-Sir to the devil so his music career could flourish.

Well, the ‘Inspire’ hitmaker recently spoke for the first time about the allegations. He said:

“These rumours whenever I think of them even to date still hurt me. Many didn’t understand the kind of relationship we had. Maybe they thought we were just musicians and nothing else. But it was more than that, we were family. I knew his parents and he had met mine. Imagine how painful it was, you there morning, one of the best thing that ever happened in your life then you hear this kind of sh*t doing rounds. It was nerve wrecking, to say the least.”

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Listen to ‘Boomba Train’ by Nameless& E-Sir below: