VIDEO: Willy Paul – ‘Jigi Jigi’

Fans are liking the new Pozze's secular tune


As much as Willy Paul is loathed by many, one can’t help but give him props for being one of the most consistent artistes in the country.

Not just that, but the crooner’s songs are always hits, whether you’re a fan or a harsh critic, you just can’t change stations when one of his catchy tunes is playing.

Willy Paul_INSTAGRAM 2
Singer Willy Paul. /INSTAGRAM

And he a genius marketer too, what with all the controversies that pop up every other day, his brand has really grown in leaps and bounds since the singer first emerged a few years ago and he continues to soar to even greater heights. Willy Paul sure in hard to ignore.

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On Saturday, September 2, the multiple hit creator hinted at a forthcoming project and in the next 24 hours, ‘Jigi Jigi’ came into being in fullness. It’s a love song that picks where ‘I Do’ left.

You remember ‘I Do’, right? the wedding song that was the talk of town for months, one that brought on board Jamaican sensation Alaine. Well, this new one is just as cool and the fans are loving it, if the rave comments on social media are anything to go by.

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Here.. read some:

Avon Leon: Wow am so loving this one Willy hadi unanipi jigi jigi….

Dorcas Munany’e: Really salute it Pozze….aim higher and u shall see de fruits of ur music ….thump up bro…

Muga Kothoth: Its a nice one,can we call it a gospel song or secular?, hapo ndiyo sielewi.

Eunice Nyambu: I think love songs suits you willy.

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Juditimz Baibie Judie: You never disappoint me swthrt….very hot aki…kongratulations.

Mercie Munanie: That song iko tops tu sana…though ain’t gospel.

Watch ‘Jigi Jigi’ video by Willy Paul above the page: