Comedian Eric Omondi takes a dig at Miguna [VIDEO]

Eric Omondi
Comedian Eric Omondi in action. PHOTO: JAMBONEWSPOT

Eric Omondi is one talented comedian, when not doing stand ups, he is on YouTube entertaining his fans with endless hilarious clips on his channel.

He is one of the few individuals who are never scared of trying out new things, explaining how he left Churchill Show, at a time when many people faulted him saying he still had a lot to offer to the audience.

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miguna miguna

It seems though that he already had everything planned out, he put his talents together, hopped off the Churchill stage and never looked back.

And that is how his name grew to be what it is today. Eric today is now known the world over and there is little doubt he is the biggest comedian in the country right now.

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You know a comedian is naturally funny when during an interview, he just starts cracking jokes off the cuff especially when challenged to difficult task as cameras roll live.

That is what happened recently when Eric dropped by Mpasho and the guys there asked him to mimic Miguna Miguna, he of the Peeling Back The Mask fame.

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Well, the guy didn’t disappoint.

He has left the audience amazed with his act with most of them saying he aped Miguna just perfectly.

Watch the video below and decide for yourself.