How a Mombasa witch doctor, ‘clients’ fooled the masses

The incident in which snake-wielding purported car thieves danced stark naked in the streets was fake

Mombasa Car thieves
Alleged Mombasa Car thieves. PHOTO: COURTESY

Early this weeks, life came to a standstill in Bamburi Mombasa, after two car thieves stripped naked and started dancing in the middle of the road with a snake around their shoulders as they bathed in muddy water.

It was reported that that a witch doctor in the county had sent a snake to stop the thieves after the owner approached her.

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/KENYANS has however established that the whole thing was a publicity stunt and those who took part in it have been arrested.

Kisauni OCPD Christopher Rotich says the incident was stage-managed, that there were no thieves or any stolen cars, it was all a creation.

The suspects, two thieves and two witch-doctors were arraigned at Shanzu Law Court and the lady car owner was also apprehended and taken to Bamburi Police Station for questioning.

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The said witch doctors were also charged with being in possession of a snake without a Kenya Wildlife Society permit.

The police boss claimed the accomplices stage-managed the crime so as to boost their trade.