Lilian Muli gushes over UG hunk, leaves tongues wagging [PHOTO]

Miss you hun..

Lilian Muli
Citizen TV's Lilian Muli. PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

Lilian Muli is known to be one of those overly social celebs. She has lots of friends all most of whom are males.

For starters, she has already introduced them to the masses and most them who are also colleagues in the media, including Mike Okinyi, Jeff Koinange and more.

Dr Ronnie M. Egwang. /TWITTER

The news anchor has recently been sharing her friends online and joining the list is Uganda’s Dr Mitch Egwang. He of the Tusker Project Fame fame.

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The two recently jumped on Instagram to exchange some sweet nothings saying how they miss each other.

“I miss you too hun been too long,” Mitch replied to Lilian whom she called ‘one of her best friends’.

Mitch_Lilian Muli
Dr Mitch and Lilian Muli. /COURTESY

Personally I don’t get these celebs. If you miss someone and you’re both signed up to the same platform, why don’t they just DM each other. Plus Mitch is married remember. Well, I guess I will never know because I ain’t one.

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Mitch is a TV host extraordinaire. He is one of the most accomplished showbiz personalities in East Africa. He is a well known figure in Kenya for his gigs with in TPF where he was host for 3 seasons.

As aforementioned, it is not the first time Muli has taken to Instagram to share her love for her friends. Just recently, she spoke about several others people especially her workmates. She is on record saying she doesn’t roll with back-stabbing woman friends.

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In the successive posts, Muli explained how she enjoys working with the Citizen TV gang.