TZ preacher prophesies Uhuru will win repeat polls [VIDEO]

Uhuru Kenyatta_Laugh
President Uhuru Kenyatta. PHOTO: CBC

A little known Tanzanian-based preacher has claimed to know who will be Kenya’s next president come October 17 when Kenyans will go to the polls.

In her Sunday September 3 sermon in PMIC Church in Moshi, Esther Bukuku said in her sermon that President Uhuru Kenyatta would beat Raila Odinga in the forthcoming elections.

Esther Bukuku
Prophetess Esther Bukuku. /YOUTUBE

She went on to say that there will be no violence after the elections just as she had prophesied about the August 8 one.

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“Kwa habari ya nafasi kumiliki hiki kiti, sijaweka neema kwake. Neema nimeiweka kwa Uhuru. Nimeiweka kwa Uhuru huyu kijana mdogo. Mdogo kabisa. Nimeweka neema kwake.” She said which¬†loosely translates to, “About Kenya’s presidency, I have not anointed him (Raila) but I have Uhuru. He is young, really young… it is his.”

The clip of the sermon has gone viral on social media and even caught the attention of Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko who also posted it on his Facebook page.

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In the video, Bukuku says it is time Raila left the stage, that he needs someone to advice that he will never be President because it is not in God’s plan.

“Kibali ni cha muhimu sana kwenye maisha ya mtu. Ukiwa ni mtu mwenye kibali, utakuwa na hekima ya kuelewa kwamba hiki kiti kimenikataa. Sawasawa na kumgombania dada na mwanaume mwenzio wakati ambapo dada hakutaki.” She added.

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Meaning: “Acceptance is very important in a person’s life. If you have it then you will have the wisdom to know that the power you so badly need has become elusive. It’s like fighting for a woman when it is clear she is not interested in you.”

Watch the video below: