Jalang’o introduces hot sister and Kenyans can’t keep calm [PHOTO]

Brotherly duties

Hot 96's Jalang'o. /KISUMUINSYDER

Hot 96 morning show co-cost, comedian Jalang’o, created ripples on social media this past weekend.

The popular comedian whose government name is Felix Odiwour, is a darling to many and one of the country’s top radio personalities.

Jalang’o, /TUKO

The comic gave Team Mafisi a hard time recently after introducing his hot kid sister to the masses.

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Jalas as he is popularly known, took to his official Instagram account to tease his male followers by playing ‘pimp’ to his kin.

Witty as usual, the comedian asked men to send their bids in number of cows in what many people translated to mean dowry.

“Big brother duties…Rolling with my sis @slovi.a..Wale wa ng’ombe mko wapi? “Jalang’o captioned a selfie of himself and the small sis [see below] hanging out together.

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Jalang’o and small sis. INSTAGRAM

As expected, the post created quite a stampeded as would be suitors thronged the comment section kujitetea.

Jalang’o’s sis Stacy. /INSTAGRAM

The men wanted hook up with the celeb’s sister for reasons that are rather obvious.

Sema kurembeka.. /INSTAGRAM