Njambi Koikai rushed to hospital in critical condition [PHOTOS]

The second time in a as many days

Njambi Koikai

Media personality and NTV‘s The Trend panelist Njambi Koikai recently had a scare after she was rushed to hospital in bad shape.

Njambi was admitted at the Avenue Hospital in Nairobi, where she underwent an emergency Endometriosis surgery.

She has been posting pictures detailing her recovery on social media so as to keep in check the growing worries by her avid fans.

As soon a she was discharged a few days later though, she had to be rushed back to hospital after realising that her lungs still had water in them.

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“Yoh fam so right after sharing about my recovery process, I was taken critical back to hospital on Monday. All the water in my lungs hadn’t completely drained. Oxygen mask fitted because my saturation was low. She said.

Njambi Koikai_INSTAGRAM
Njambi Koikai in hospital. /NSTAGRAM


“Theatre in the night. Chest tube fitted and back to the start. Constipation due to the meds I’ve been taking. All these because of periods. Just periods. I’m not alone. Millions of women are suffering because of MENSTRUATION,

Getting babies is not the solution because we know of mothers still suffering. I’d like to encourage mothers to young girls to start taking them to gynecologists as soon as they get their first period. It is important for women to take charge of their reproductive health.” She wrote.

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Njambi Koikai
Njambi Koikai. /INSTAGRAM

She took the opportunity to school her fellow women, encouraging them to have regular checks with their gynecologists to avoid going through what she underwent.

Njambi has had a history of ailing and was admitted in hospital back in 2016 with a case of Pneumothorax. The condition was affecting her breathing, hence it had to be dealt with through surgery to save her life.

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She rose to prominence during her stint at QTV and QFM where she hosted reggae shows.