Nyota Ndogo in trouble for advising women to steal husbands

Relationships 101

Nyota Ndogo
Singer Nyota Ndogo. PHOTO: BLOGGER

Kenyan Songstress Nyota Ndogo is one of a handful celebrities who have managed to stay out of controversy’s way.

Famed for a string of early career hits such as ‘Watu na Viatu’, ‘Maria’ and ‘Subira’, she continues to be a darling to many thanks to her maturity, the way she carries herself around.

Nyota Ndogo
Nyota Ndogo. /INSTAGRAM

But recently, the songstress found herself in unfamiliar territories after her fans went berserk over something she did. Nyota had taken to social media to offer counsel to her fellow ladies on matters relationships.

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Nyota told her fellow women on Instagram is the remedy of those stubborn women. She gave them ABCs of how to deal with such characters. Nyota, without blinking an eye, asked her fellow ladies to deal with such women by snatching their spouses.

“Mwanamke Mjeuri muibie bwana.” Nyota captioned a photo of herself.

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Singer Nyota Ndogo confuses many with her advice. /INSTAGRAM

Her fans and followers missed the joke that Nyota was trying to crack, they had twenty one problems with her advice.

Most of the naysayers thought the singer was out of order on that one. They wondered just how she could advise her fellow ladies to interfere with other people’s marriages just to prove a point.

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The singer was forced to pull down that post when the heat proved to be too much, but not before some fast Kenyans took screenshots.