Socialite Huddah Monroe is searching for a gay man

Her successes are ballooning and now needs an assistant

Huddah Monroe

This past months have seen socialite Huddah Monroe add a couple feathers to her cap.

Her Instagram is full of accomplishments she has made including joining the Belaire family as its ambassador. She is also repping other brands while also being host to international artistes visiting the country. That last bit makes her a socialite though, never mind how much she hates being referred to as one.

Caption: “Black bottle girls. @officialbelaire
#businesswomen #entreprenuers #Queens.” /INSTAGRAM | RICK ROSS

Huddah is also expanding her cosmetic business outside her line of lipstick and recently announced entering the lingerie world.

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So the time is ripe for her to start making some major changes in her career which includes making boss moves like hiring an assistant. I mean with all the work she has, Huddah definitely needs some serious help.

She can do with some help in let’s picking her calls, carrying her handbag (what exactly will an assistant do for her?) so she can concentrate on bringing in the money.

Huddah Monroe made the announcement on social media where she has a huge following. If you think you’re up to the task be ready because your dreams are about to become a reality. But if you’re not gay, I’m sorry but you don’t qualify.

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She is looking for a gay assistant.. that’s exactly what the petite beauty said on her Instastory.

“I need a gay assistant asap! Someone clean! The assistant should be Kenyan only! Living in Kenya! Thanks guys.” She said.

Huddah was made to add some more filters to her search, I guess the applications came in the droves.

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“If you’ve never done a customer service or marketing related job, please don’t email me. I don’t want models or socialites as assistants. Thanks.” She added shortly after making the announcement.

Is it not discrimination when you say you can’t employ someone because of their sexual orientation? I know it is when you sideline gays… oh, that’s America. I almost forgot that homosexuality is illegal in Kenya.