Tables turn as Uhuru Kenyatta moves to guard the vote

While also passing a carefully crafted three-pronged message to the voters

Uhuru Kenyatta_Bomas_William Ruto
President Uhuru Kenyatta celebrates with Deputy President William Ruto after they were announced winners of the August 8, 2017 presidential election. PHOTO: REUTERS

With only a month to Election Day, President Uhuru Kenyatta is leaving nothing to chance to prove he won on August 8.

The ruling Jubilee Party is consolidating its strongholds as it casts the net even wider ahead of the October 17 rematch with his nemesis – National Super Alliance leader Raila Odinga. It is the fight time State House residency is being contested via a rerun.

Kenya Election_woman
An elderly Maasai woman casts her vote. PHOTO: CARL DE SOUZA/AFP/GETTY has established that the Jubilee Party is using a three-pronged messaging strategy, raiding Nasa Raila strongholds even more, as well as guarding the vote. According to a party strategist, safeguarding was taken for granted in August.

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Money is not an issue in Jubilee as the President has reportedly given MPs from select areas Sh2 million each to campaign.

The three messages Uhuru has been passing to voters since he hit the ground on September 1, the same day the Supreme Court overturned his win citing irregularities and illegalities are;

1. Raila used the court to “steal” his deserved victory.

2. I am still President and that’s why I opened Parliament on Tuesday. It will be remembered that in 2013, MPs waited for the Supreme Court ruling and Uhuru’s swearing-in before Parliament convened.

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Uhuru is also repeatedly calling himself the legitimate President (not elect), saying Raila was just a candidate.

3. I thank you. Thank-you speeches are being delivered at rallies, mostly in previous Opposition zones that voted for him in August. Please do it again, he says.

Then there is the previously proven method of baiting Opposition losers who are unhappy with Nasa with money and jobs.

“Unlike Jubilee, Nasa is not in government, they face financial challenges and that’s why they are fundraising,” the Star quoted political analyst Martin Andati. “They need money for logistics, including paying agents and buying adverts.” He added.

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Using his August win as a benchmark, Uhuru has reportedly left his campaign team intact as he faces a reenergised Opposition whose sole goal is to make him Kenya’s first one-term President.

Jubilee Governors and those from friendly parties have been tasked to mobilise resources to supplement funding from the presidential campaign kitty.

Murang’a Governor Mwangi Wairia yesterday became the first to unveil his campaign convoy of 20 branded cars and three campaign trucks. He has also initiated the Taifa la Jubilee lobby to mobilise grassroots support.