Clueless new MCAs make demands for crash course

Some don't even know how to dress to the Country Assembly

Embu County Assembly. /YOUTUBE

Newly elected Members of County Assembly in Embu have made a request to the county assembly to conduct a comprehensive induction training to educate them on legislative rules and parliamentary terms for easy transaction of House business.

The county reps made the appeal during yesterday’s sitting after several of them were ruled out of order for violating the assembly’s Standing Orders.

embu mca
An MCA being sworn in at the Embu County Assembly on September 5, 2017. First-time elected and nominated MCAs in Embu have requested the county assembly to conduct a comprehensive induction training to educate them on legislative rules. PHOTO: JOSEPH KANYI/NATION MEDIA GROUP

The MCAs arrived improperly dressed or did not know how to put across their points of argument, therefore causing confusion in the House.

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The first-timers struggled to engage in the legislative business because they lacked proper understanding of what was required of them which resulted in a disjointed debate.

Mbeti South MCA Murithi Kiura noted that out of 33, only seven county reps were conversant with House procedures and rules as stipulated in the standing orders.

He was concerned that the remaining 26 may find themselves baffled and disoriented by legislative requirements.

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Similarly, Mavuria ward’s Ngari Mbaka noted that most of the new MCAs will be ineffective if they are expected to legislate without first being trained.

“I am concerned that we are moving as lay people. Most of us don’t know about Standing Orders. We want to [get] them so that we are conversant and effective in our debating,” the Nation quoted him.

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Speaker Josiah Thiriku noted that most of the politicians were crammed in benches on his right side on assumption that it was the government designated side and urged them to feel free to occupy any side of the assembly.

Majority Leader Michael Njeru concurred that there was urgent need to train the new MCAs to bring their legislative skills at par with their re-elected counterparts.