Gospel star Willy Paul discusses his virginity

Is he really?

WIlly Paul
Gospel singer Willy Paul. PHOTO: KISS100

Popular (or unpopular depending on how you look at things) Kenyan gospel (depends again) singer, Willy Paul, has talked about his virginity.

Not long ago, the ‘Jigi Jigi’ hitmaker, 24, said how he had preserved himself, that he was pure – a virgin.

Willy Paul. /INSTAGRAM

But is he still intact? That is what Kiss FM‘s Chito Ndhlovu wanted to establish on his Maloko show. The singer instead coined his own question and answered it promptly. He said he was planning on walking down the aisle with the love of his life.. and very soon. He has not yet revealed the woman to the public yet.

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Which begs, hii utoto ya Pozze na Bahati itaisha lini?.. the two are always copying each other’s everything, from the timing of releasing their songs to now marriage. Zipo.co.ke has reported previously how the latter was to wed in August but postponed the ceremony until after elections.

Willy Paul went on to tell Chito that he would never date a celeb. He said:

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“Maceleb haiwezi. Hata hawa madem huingia kwa DM. Unapata dem maceleb wamelike picha yake. Hao madem chungana nao sana.”

Which prompted the next question. For how long have they been dating?

“Sijui but imekawia sana. Lazima nimuoe kwa sababu hakuna anything inaeza happen before ndoa.” He noted…really?

Asked about his virginity, again, the singer searched around for the right response, stammered a few then said:

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“Mimi siongei hio maneno. Acha nikwambie, hio maneno nitaongea na bibi yangu, my future wife.”

This is where whether he is a virgin or not stops being rocket science.

Willy Paul_Girlfriend
You’re still convinced he is a virgin? /INSTAGRAM.