Gospel singer Benachi buys American machine [PHOTOS]

Maisha ulaya

Gospel singer Benachi. PHOTO: OMG

Why is it that fellas who have left for abroad like to show how they are doing just fine? That’s an article for another day..

Still in the same discussion, gospel singer Benson Ogachi popularly known as Benachi, has bought himself an American muscle… Chevrolet Malibu.

Zipo.co.ke has done some digging and the conclusion is that the car in question goes for around Ksh. 2.4 Million. Word on social media is that it has been customised by the singer to suit his taste.

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Benachi flaunts his car. /COURTESY

Known for his track ‘Mwanake’, the crooner has been flaunting the ride online and by the look of things, the guy has no regrets having grown wings and settled in Trumpland.

The singer moved to the States some time back, at a time when his career was at its peak. He went to live with his then girlfriend Joan.

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Benachi with wifey. /INSTAGRAM

The two said “I do” to each other this year in a card-only ceremony and by the look of things, Benachi is adapting to the American lifestyle. His accent is also slowly but surely playing along.

Here’s another picture of the chev: