Colonel Moustapha dating Nairobi Diaries hottie Noti Flow

She's bi by the way..

Noti Flow
Rapper Noti Flow. PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

Nairobi Diaries co-stars, rapper Noti Flow and veteran artiste Colonel Moustapha, have for the longest time been rumoured to be an item.

The two however always denied when asked about it, they have rubbished the allegations severally saying they are just buddies who support each others music careers.

colonel moustapha
Rapper Colonel Moustapha. PHOTO: BORDERIMAGEGROUP

But they were not going to fool the world forever, were they? Well, the two have decided to finally admit that indeed they are dating. Noti marked her territory which is necessary especially if you’re investing your emotions in the Team Mafisi Sacco secretary.

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So Noti Flow took to social media to finally clear the air on what is going on between the two controversial artists. She said they are in a relationship but decided to keep it private because of how social media can say hurtful things about them. She’s definitely doing a good job of keeping of social media, isn’t she?

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Noti Flow_Moustapha
Noti Flow with her boyfriend Colonel Moustapha. PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

“We decided to keep our relationship off social media for a while since some of y’all are very good at saying some really hurtful shit good enough to break us up . Until we’re strong enough to face y’all, we will remain being very happy off social media 😆 Our lives are way easier like that.” She said.. on social media.

The admission is coming months after she was accused of having a hand in Moustapha breaking up with his then girlfriend. She denied vehemently.

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