How Churchill Show comedian Jemutai got her big break

Comedian Stella Bunei Koitie aka Jemutai. PHOTO: COURTESY

Churchill Show has become renowned for producing some of the best entertainers in the country, the comedians that is.

There is a very slim chance that a comedian was able to make it big without first receiving grooming on the popular show.

Jemutai. /SDE

While from the outside it looks like a trip to the Carnivore (where the show is recorded) by a talented but inexperienced funny person guarantees a few hours of auditioning and appearance on NTV days later, nothing could be further from the truth.

Comedians who have made it to television have painted a picture of how competitive the process is. They say it takes months of utter disappointments before they are refined to TV standards. A good example is Stella Bunei Koitie who is better known as Jemutai.

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“Jemutai” says it all started with a dream of becoming successful in future, adding that she was not afraid to fight for recognition in the male-dominated field. She auditioned for ten months straight but was disappointed every single time.

She told Buzz during an interview that she frequented Carnivore so much that she became a popular face with staff including waiters and watchmen. Her big break came during her last auditioning before giving up.

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“I auditioned for 10 months straight without any success, every Tuesday my mother gave me fare from Embakasi and taxi money to go back. The Carnivore, where we shoot Churchill, became a second home, I knew everyone, the watchman, and the cameramen even the waiters. Initially, I was auditioning as Stella but my act was not convincing. Nonetheless, I kept going back and the judges kept encouraging me to develop a character that will help me execute my comedy,” narrated Jemutai.


“At some point, I was about to give up and on October 20th, 2015 I came for what was to be my last audition, after that, I was to quit. However, that week I was picked and October 22nd, 2015 was my first show ever.

“It was a great relief to get picked after such a long struggle, by then I had gotten used to the stage and the set up so I was very comfortable. My first show became the best edit of the night and I have never looked back.” Stella who is now a hit act and a regular on Churchill Show, concluded.

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Moral of the story: Don’t give up digging for gold, perhaps a nugget lies just inches away from your last scoop.