VIDEO: Eko Dydda – ‘Bow’

Yesu hapa ndio paramount


He’s back! Okay, he bounced back not long ago after disappearing from the scene a while back.

But not wanting to risk oblivion, the king of ‘stammer’ rap has released yet another new track entitled ‘Bow’, whose video I hope pray was shot in Kenya, will make you wonder why artistes hop onto planes for South Africa.

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Eko Dydda. /MPASHO

‘Sipendi magari ma-dough, ati ni-trend ka Larry Mado-wo’, is one of the many notable lines from the fresh gospel tune.

‘Huwezi nichanua niko kipara mooto’, should work if the earlier one didn’t impress you.

No, seriously, the scenery is breathtaking.

Watch the video above.