Mutula Kilonzo knew he was going to die, widow says

Death threats everywhere

Mutula Kilonzo
The late Mutula Kilonzo. PHOTO: BUZZKENYA

The late Makueni Senator, Mutula Kilonzo, knew death was coming, a day before he was found dead at his Kwa Kyelu ranch in Machakos.

On Tuesday, his second wife Nduku, told a Machakos court that her husband said his life was in danger after seeing some insects in their house.

Nduta Kilozo_Mutula wife
The late Senator Mutula Kilonzo’s second wife Nduku testfies in a Machakos court yesterday. PHOTO: ANDREW MBUVA/THE STAR

The renown Moi era lawyer died in 2013, just a few months after winning the county Senate seat.

“I had noticed some insects in the house. I wanted to call a fumigation company, but he told me, and I quote: “My life is in danger. I cannot allow strangers in the house”,” Nduku said as published in the Star.

Ms Nduku asked her husband whether it had anything to do with threats he had received earlier, but “he did not want to discuss the matter”.

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She told the inquiry that Mutula told her, “what you do not know will never hurt you,” adding that Mutula seemed bothered, but did not disclose the nature of the threat.

Nduku went on to add that in 2009, her husband had received threats in a letter that was sent to him with some powder in it. She said the mail was sent to a school in Mbooni.

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“The letter was written in red. It read: Mutula Kilonzo breath your last,” she told the court.

Also according to Nduku, Mutula had received another threat in 2012 from a woman who said she had been sent by her boss to finish him.

The threat was delivered in form of a message to his phone and both threats were reported to the police but Nduku added she did not get to know who the woman was.

“He was expressing the fears to his life on Thursday, a day before his death,” Nduku said, adding that she had last seen her husband that Friday morning before he left for work.

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She told magistrate Kipkurui Kibellion that she had been married to the late legislator for 31 years and she had not known him to suffer from any ailment.

Nduku also revealed that at the time of his death, the late Senator was taking some lozenges for a cold.

She said her relationship with the children of the first wife was strained blaming in on their mother, whom Nduku noted was unhappy when she got married to Mutula.