Makeup free Noti Flow and Femi One trolled heavily [PHOTOS]

Mkorogo gang

Noti Flow
Kenyan rapper Noti Flow. PHOTO: MPASHO

Ain’t it hard being a celebrity in any part of the world, what with the need to have your face made and having to wear Sunday best’s equivalent just to go buy airtime from the neihbourhood kiosk.

Ignore the above statement and the next hour, you’re in every blog imaginable or worse social media where keyboard ninjas play the devil where they criticise God’s ability to design his creatures.

Femi One’s before and after. /NSTAGRAM

That was the case with two female figures in the rap scene, Femi One and her nemesis, Nairobi D star Noti Flow, who became victims of cyber bullies with the latter having a field day trolling them for innocently deciding to post their makeup free pics.

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“Lol so I’m being trolled coz of my before and after make up pics…society is F*** up I swear. Well there you go, no shame in who I am or how I look and you shouldn’t be. #embraceyou.” An unfazed Femi One responded to the haters.

Her counterpart made the same blunder (if at al it was one), but hers were snippets from Nairobi Diaries’ behind the scenes which went viral.

Makeup free Noti Flow. /COURTESY

“Y’all need to stop using techno wharever…. omg… is this @notiflow or her distant cousin???… I just can’t @_the_ghetto_princess come get your in law… uncle ukwaju @colonelmustafa da! Someone shouted on social media.

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“Huyu ni queen au msaidizi wa queen??… or Uncle mus (Colonel Mustafa) hit it raw and caused this damage.” A blog captioned a photo of Noti Flow on its Instagram account.

Here’s what the rest thought:

Kwaaa_jojo: Lol it’s not about a bad phone! She looks like shit without make up! You didn’t watch the behind the scenes? Also in person she looks so ashy and pale. #issafraud i was shocked! imagine she is not pretty! Mkorogo gang.

[email protected]: We might look like shrek but we don’t feel and act like a 10/10 when we are just a mere 3/10! Exactly what Noti is she doesn’t look nice abeg.

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[email protected]: actually her skin kinda looks like yours Pauline! Burnt by mkorogo.

Its_vovor: But most of the celebs be looking like this in real life.

Black_caramell0: Who’s image was she created in ¬†the clay that made her seems to be leftover clays from mugabe.

Marianjohn5: Mkorogo mkali  najua ika kamatia aiku achiliya

Achiengmungai: Hehehe this pot is always calling the other kettles out there black… But caro light barbecues your skin literally.

Irene_wanji: Na vile yeye uongea mbaya kumbe nikasoro tupu.