TID advises Prezzo to use quality CDs with socialite Lulu

Wrap it my brother

Rapper Prezzo. PHOTO: MDUNDO

You know Top In Dar, right? Well, Tanzanian singer TID and singer Prezzo share a lot of history together, they’ve known each other for a long time and even did a track together back in the days.

They’ve been watching each other’s back from back in the days and bailed each other out when things became thicker like when when the Bongo singing veteran was sent to prison sometimes back. The king of bling never forgot him and would send out love to his pal.

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Singer TID was also arrested.

So it only makes sense that one of them would not just sit and watch as the other makes a mess of himself, doesn’t it? That is what happened recently when the blogosphere was awash with photos of Prezzo spending quality time with with a Tanzanian socialite by the name Amber Lulu.

Word has it that Mr Presidente spent a night with the said beauty, that Lulu sneaked into Prezzo’s hotel room.

His and hers.. Pezzo and Lulu flaunt their Jordans. /INSTAGRAM

Credible sources in the the entertainment scene have it that the socialite ni moto wa kuotewa mbali.. so it’s not a surprise TID proceeded to straight away warn his friend when the story broke.

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“Prezzo kula bata mwanangu fanya mambo na amber Lulu, Prezzo pole sana jiongeze mtu wangu, tumia mpira (condom) ya gharama zaidi ambayo hujawahi kutumia kabla, kwa sababu sehemu unayokwenda ni moto.” TID is quoted as saying.

His rapcellency however wasn’t too happy about how the singer issued his brotherly advice to him. He lashed out at TID for doing it publicly and he was just a phone call away.

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“Namshangaa mshkaji wangu, kuna watu huwa wananiingia kwa kona mbaya, ukiingia kwa kona mbaya mimi ni msela nitakuzingua, kitu ambacho sijafurahia ni kwenda kutangaza kwenye TV, yeye ni mshkaji wangu angenipigia simu akaniambia, na sio kuniharibia ‘mood’ yangu.” Prezzo responded when asked what he thought of his friend’s move to warn him.

Listen to Leo Ndio Leo by Prezzo ft. TID: