Sauti Sol bashed for saying TIALALA, TIBIM is a useless slogan


Sauti Sol

Undoubtedly Kenya’s Africa’s most popular band, Sauti Sol, has found itself in murky waters after sharing a political statement on social media mocking slogans for the National Super Alliance and Jubilee Party.

The award-winning trio bashed the two main political outfits in the country saying they have empty slogans that lack development records.

NASA supporters brave the rain during the Nakuru May 41 rally. PHOTO: TWITTER

They went on to state that the country’s population is majorly illiterate and making them gullible to such rhetoric and wanting slogans.

“TIBIM, TIALALA & TANO TENA are all empty slogans with no data and development records attached to them. A critical mass of this country is simply uneducated that’s why these things turn us on. But to be honest why aren’t these battles about manifestos and track records? In this country as long as you have money you can fart and people will cheer.” Sauti Sol said.

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Uhuru Kenyatta_plan
Supporters of Uhuru Kenyatta hold ‘Uhuru ako na plan’ placards. /TWITTER

As soon as the post went live, the online community ganged up against the music group hurling all manner of negatives comments at them.

A section of Kenyans criticised the country’s most celebrated band in the region saying they should stick to doing music and avoid politics.

However, a section of the netizens lauded and likening them Eminem, a multiple Oscar-winning American hip hop artiste who did a freestyle dissing American President Donald Trump.

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Here’s what they said:

Jeremiah Host Okoth: Funny how people who think they are successful in a country of poor people reason. Now you think you have an immunity to the issues we face as a country, coming up with silly philosophies of yada yada and crinconcrum. Kaa mbali ya siasa, peleka kiherehere mbali!.

Charlz Juma: Stick to music and Bam bam Sauti Sol,,,Kama unataka kuingilia our Tialala then we will tibimise you ,,,All I mean is Floyd Babu MayOwino will deal with you the way he dealt with your fellow musician Jaguar,,,, Usiletee kimbelembele ya usani kwa siasa,,,kwani nyinyi mmesoma mpaka wapi??

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JC Churu: Kijana, stick to your lane of empty lines with no substance and leave politics to politicians….. Wee nenda kavae zile matambara zenu achana na siasa.

Owise Owino Owano: For the first time someone decided to speak the truth yet a whole nation condemn them. The same nation that cheers when our leaders fight instead of condemning…”

Joseph Muchene: I just love us kenyans when we have a common enemy! Now team Tibim and Team Tano Tena have come together to first deal with group of funny musicians try to call us uneducated.