Tina Kaggia narrates how, alcohol, neglect led to splitting with JB

Comedian once went on a road trip to Rwanda behind her back

Tina Kagia_JB Masanduku
Radio star Tina Kagia with ex husband JB Masanduku. PHOTO: GHAFLA

The marriage of radio queen Tina Kaggia and her sweetheart JB Masanduku looked (yes, it’s past tense) like the ideal union from outside but as they say, everything is not what it seems.

“I pray that he figures himself out because he’s really talented; but it is not my place to help him do so – I almost fell apart the last time I tried to,” Ms Kagia told Pulse in an interview about the comedian whom she described as “charming” but also “sick, sadistic diabolic piece of work”.

JB Masanduku
Comedian JB Masanduku. PHOTO: NAIROBIWIRE

This is the first time either of the two confirmed that indeed trouble had hit their paradise amid rumours that they were no more an item.

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“I don’t want my name dragged into his life. How he lives is up to him; I am not going to lose my sleep,” she said in the interview.

JB Masanduku and Tina Kaggia exchanged vows in a hushed ceremony at the Attorney General’s Chambers four years ago, that was on October the 1st 2013, and in attendance were close family and a just a handful of friends. Their first child, a son, arrived eight months later.

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But what many didn’t know is that at the time, and the years that followed, beneath the smiles and what seemed like a vibrant relationship, Tina was undergoing a daily dose of neglect, manipulation and frequent lies.

“He was never there, he would miss important dates and his vanishing acts – where he would disappear for days – became commonplace,” she reveals, adding that he would switch off his phone only for her to see pictures of his whereabouts doing rounds on social media. He once took a road trip to Rwanda with friends without my knowledge.” She told the publication.

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Tina Kagia_JB Masanduku
Tina Kaggia JB with Masanduku during happier times. /COURTESY

To explain his binge drinking, JB once said that Kaggia was terminally ill, only to deny the claims when confronted.

But that didn’t stop the on-again off-again relationship that the two had, leading to a second pregnancy, a girl this time. That was in early 2016.

But in March this year, she reached breaking point quit and he relationship, for good, taking four moths off radio to recollect herself

“I disappeared for four months because I needed medical attention for depression; I was suicidal at this point,” she revealed.

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