Zari Hassan hits back at haters who said she is idle

Kazi ma-selfie tu..

Zari Hassan

The mother to Tanzanian crooner Diamond Platnumz’ kids, Zari Hassan, is not new to online trolls more so by keyboard warriors who are always looking for easy targets.

Barely a day goes by without naysayers attacking her on social media, but going by the way she acts, it is clear that just like many celebrities, she gives zero to no hoot about them.

Zari Hassan
Zari Hassan. /INSTAGRAM

Zari is currently busy raising her five kids and taking care of her businesses, ones she inherited from her late husband Ivan Ssemwanga.

After the wealthy Ugandan died, the socialite was given control of 50 per cent of his wealth, her sons 30 per cent -to take effect when they reach 18, Ivan’s family 10 per cent and his buddy King Lawrence 10 per cent as well.

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Some of the wealth currently under Zari include palatial mansions in South Africa and Uganda as well as other real estate developments both at home and down south and Brooklyn colleges across South Africa. The latter has been keeping Zari quite busy.

Zari Hassan_SA
Zari Hassan at one of the colleges. /INSTAGRAM

Zari has been attacked recently on social media by people who think she is lazy, an idler to be more precise, that she depends on her husband to foot her bills and is always on social media taking photos. To which she said:

Ati what time do you work while you always taking pics….. Shortly before i start or right after am done…. Learn to prioritise. Just because i post them during the day doesn’t mean i spend the whole day taking them. Washamba nyinyi 😂🤣🤣… you gon learn!!!! 

Zari Hassan_post pregnancy real

Her social media peeps had her back though:

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Mwakifu: Usijali mpenzi hata ukipiga picha bila kufanya kazi kwani wanakulisha?Sisi rafiki zako tunahitaji kukuona daiky.

Anne: Why do you always feel the need to justify what you do? Or to respond to people who you cannot even put faces to?

Mubba: Stunning like a star keep that look burning… Looking good always I do admire you every day

Kaluvu: I agree..People always be assuming stuff, and aint nothing wrong with pictures girl.

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Adams: Teach them boss. Wait a minute they are pumping up their fake bubina to trap people’s husbands. Boss will always be boss. Let me run thier mouth while you run to the bank.

Samy: Well said my queen hope they will open their eyes, to work hard and take pics it doesn’t hurt anyone..

Asha: Wanadhani nawe unashinda kibarazani mchana kutwaaa hahaaa wakuache mama Tee.

Lucky: Achana nao piga kazi.

Eva: Safi sana Mama Tee!! Tell them to mind their own business!!

Action: Washamba kweli! They end up thinking u are as broke as them!!! U are the king of Queens @zarithebosslady.