Drama as Noti Flow shields Prezzo from hungry TZ fisilet

Noti Flow
Rapper Noti Flow. PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

Noti Flow is an up and comer who is receiving lots of attention not only for her new track ‘Kamatia’ but also for her Nairobi Diaries drama as well and also for dating Mr President -Prezzo.

And with all the successes, it is only natural that she protects her territory and I’m not talking about her music career but his affair with Mr Makini.

Noti Flow_Prezzo
Noti Flow with Prezzo. /INSTAGRAM

She has found herself protecting her man from a Tanzanian socialite by the name Amber lulu whom Zipo.co.ke highlighted previously as being rumoured to have had a fling with Prezzo.

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It all started as a rumour (Prezzo and Lulu) but the talk gained credence after Tanzaian singer, T.I.D, a friend of the rapper, sounded the alarm, he said hoped the ‘Mafans’ emcee used protection with that lulu chick because she is a dangerous one.

Prezzo and Lulu flaunt their Jordans. /INSTAGRAM

We all thought Prezzo would do the most honourable thing after that and keep off Lulu because common sense, but it happens that he was back in Tanzania recently for the launch of Drake’s whiskey and while there, he was spotted with the very same fisilet.

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Below is what Noti Flow had to say about the whole charade:

“You are talking about that bi*** calling herself Amber Rose. Who even calls herself Amber Rose when we all know that there can only be one Amber Rose. The truth is that Prezzo was not in Tanzania to see her but to record collabos with the likes of Fid Q and other hip hop guys. Besides, I know b****s keep on chasing him the way nig*** chase me and so I wouldn’t be shocked if she hits back and claims he was with her. Thing is, girls…bi****s should keep off my man as they know where his heart is,” the socialite told Mpasho.

Adding: “It is not like am trying to declare a territory because, hey, a man has to live his life. All nig**s are players and so I take a day at a time. I have been approaching this thing with precaution as sometimes what I hear is different from what he says. I told you (Pulse) some days ago that I am not looking for a mama’s boy but a king.”

Well, you heard it Lulu.

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