Socialite Pendo cracks up the web with TBT [PHOTO]

Wacheni Mungu aitwe Mungu

Socialite Pendo. PHOTO: MEDIAMAX

Ever heard the name Ghetto Princess? What about Pendo? Well, she is a Kenyan wannabe socialite making waves on the popular K24 drama-driven reality show Nairobi Diaries.

Pendo is the chick who has been dating her co-star on the show, Luwi Capello, for the past few months. Luwi, for your information, has acting duties on a Swahili series called Maza.

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The endowed star recently cracked up the blogosphere after posting an old photo from when she was a kid.

The girl in the pic doesn’t look anything like the lass who has been giving team mafisi enough problems to give up their sleep. She is washed up but the teeth give it away:

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Here’s what she said: (see the pic below)

“Omg😂😂 😂😂it’s not Thursday but fuck it this picture has made my day😂😂😂😂 look at me( far right)😂😂 Bata was bae from kitambo☝️☝️
Still slayin and all😋👆
So have you now believed sijawai tumia mkorogo🤔🤔


The pic really excited er fans:

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brian_mwaludaI: am.lost of words.

collins_collo_mulimi: Shida ni mbaya sana.

ann.karuga: Waah that’s a huge tbt ,wagwan.

ciku_gathuku: Ulikuwa poa 😍stl bt😂😂😂😂😂😂throw back ya nguvu sana….wacheni Mungu aitwe Mungu..

gathomzaeKwenye: hipster nakwambia😂😂😂

rahma.mhd: The bitchiness hasn’t changed I guess 😂😂

carolnjukiReebok: 😂😂😂woii. Watu wametoka far aki.

dollyadhis: Yani pendo yule msichana ulimrusha vile kama karatasi.