Daddy Owen on Kenyan secular artistes taking over gospel

Mungu pekee

Daddy Owen

From the old to the young, Daddy Owen’s gospel songs are a favourite and have received massive airplay over the years.

The crooner who isn’t fond of doing interviews, opened a bit about the gospel industry and the fad that has seen secular artistes writing and performing gospel hits.

Nyashinski. He is one of the secular artistes who have released gospel hits. PHOTO: CRAZYMEDIAS

“I don’t a have problem with secular musicians writing gospel music because we need those people in church who are not born again. It means we are influencing them. Just as an ambassador, if invited to Japan to talk about Kenya and I meet a Japanese wearing a Maasai kikoi, I’ll be happy because I will know I have influenced him.” He explained.

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“So them doing that I’m happy because god says be fruitful. It’s us Christians to influence them to come to us not us going to their world.” The gospel star added.

When asked if he would launch his song in a club, Daddy Owen didn’t mince his words;

“I cannot launch my song in a club because to be honest I don’t understand that logic because even social media is bigger than that club. I don’t think I have ever seen a song trending because it was launched in a club and there is no single reason why I should do it. I’m not criticizing anyone, but I don’t understand that,” he said.

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“As elders for the young people it is upon a mentee to look for a mentor and not vise versa. Mentorship is difficult and it only works when they come looking for the mentorship because they show they are wiling. So it is not easy for me to criticize someone because they’re doing something that we feel is not right. Maybe from the word go, it was their plan and Iwouldn’t want to change that.” The ‘Mbona’ hitmaker concluded.

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Lately, secular artistes including Nyashinski have released gospel tunes that have gone to do much better then their so called ‘savedees’ releases leading to multiple discussions on the irony.