VIDEO: Wahu wants to come to your church because ‘Sifa’

Secular scroungers


There has been an avalanche lately, of secular artistes doing ‘praise’ tracks more so the unlikeliest of musicians.

Continuing the trend is none other than Wahu who is flying high with her gospel tune ‘Sifa’, and with that, the MTV Mama award-winner is letting you invite her to your church for a little praise session. After all, doesn’t the Bible say that where two or three are gathered (in his name) the Lord will be in their midst?

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Wahu_J Blessing_INSTAGRAM
Wahu and J Blessing who directed the video to ‘Sifa’. /INSTAGRAM

“I wouldn’t mind going to a church to perform but that is the only gospel song I have. I would probably sing it and then ask the congregation to join me in singing choruses,” she said in an interview, laughing.

“I wrote the song when I was going through a rough patch in my life, like I was riding through an emotional wave and I was contemplating on writing a bad song but instead, I turned to God and got the inspiration to do a triumph song,” the mother of two said as quoted by the Standard pullout Pulse.

Adding: “This song comes from a real spot in life when God came through for me. Like King David in the Bible, I cried to Him and he heard me,” she revealed.

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Here’s ‘Sifa’ by Wahu: